Capsule Filler Machine

Capsule Filler Machine 100 Capsule Capacity


Capsule Filler Machine 100 Capsule Capacity.


The Do It Yourself Capsule Filler is the perfect way to make your own supplements.

It’s simple to turn powders into easy to swallow capsules, and an economical and convenient way to take strong tasting herbs. Unlike buying finished capsules from an outside vendor, do it yourself and save up to 75% of your money.

This “easy to use” device helps you make 100 capsules at a time in just minutes. Now you can custom mix ingredients and be sure what’s going into the capsules you take. You can use quality powdered vitamins or herbs and avoid binders, fillers, sugar, starch, artificial colours, yeast, wheat or soy, which are commonly added to store-bought encapsulated supplements. Having a machine on site enables you to produce as many capsules as you need when you need them. The initial cost of setting up you own little capsule manufacturing facility is quickly offset by the savings and convenience you gain.



Capsule Filler Machine 100 Capsule Capacity.

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