About Us

Welcome to Shaman's Garden Medicinal Herbs. We are a New Zealand based company importing, growing and trading herbs and natural products. Shaman Ltd was founded in Germany by Jorg Walterfang over 23 years ago and began trading in New Zealand in early 2000. Our concept is to help our customers save considerably on health costs by supplying everything needed to make their own herbal remedies and dietary supplements.

We offer a wide range of pure plant extracts, medicinal mushroom products and dried herbs. Most of our plant extracts are manufactured in modern ISO and/or GMP certified manufacturing facilities. We also offer a large variety of natural gums and resins, live medicinal plants and seeds, and equipment for manufacturing herbal and food products. Our dried herbal products are carefully chosen, inspected and tested by our medicinal herb experts.

We encourage our customers to extensively research each health supplement themselves and/or seek professional healthcare advice regarding any potential uses, and how they may be utilized safely and effectively.

Enjoy browsing our website.