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Note: This product list is not complete. Please let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for and/or what you would like to see for sale on this website.

Product List:

Herbs and Herbal Extracts

Acai Berry Powder Organic
Acai Berry Powder Freeze Dried
Acerola Cherry
Aloe Extract Powder 10:1 
Aloe Gum/Resin
Amla Fruit Powder Organic
Amla Fruit Extract Powder 20% Vitamin C
Ashwagandha Organic Root
Ashwagandha Root Extract Powder 3% Withanolides
Astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis) cracked cell powder
Astragalus Extract
Astragalus Root Powder

Baical Skullcap Extract (Scutellaria baicalensis)  80% Baicalin
Bilberry Extract 5% Anthocyanidin
Black Cardamom Fruit Extract Powder 10:1

Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa) Root Extract

Bladderwrack Powder
Blue Passion Flower Extract
Brazilian Ginseng
Bromelain Powder 2400 GDU
Boswellia Extract 65% Boswellic Acid
Brahmi Herb Organic (Bacopa monnieri)
Brahmi / Bacopa Extract Powder 22% Bacosides

Cacao Butter Organic
Camu Camu Extract 10:1
Camu Camu Extract 20% Vitamin C
Camu Camu Organic Powder
Catuaba Bark Extract
Cat’s Claw Bark Powder
Corydalis / Corydalis Root powder
Chuchuhuasi Extract Powder 10:1
Chaga Mushroom Extract 30% Polysaccharides
Chaga Mushroom Organic (Siberia)
Chaste Tree Berry
Chaste Berry Extract
Chinese Date / Jujube Seed Powder
Cistanche extract powder 10:1
Cistanche (Cistanche deserticola) Root Extract 18% Polyphenols
Coleus forskohlii Organic Root
Cornus Fruit Ratio Extract 5:1
Cornus Fruit Standardized Extract 2% Polyphenols
Cordyceps militaris Organic extract 30% Polysaccharides
Cordyceps Extract Organic 30% Polysaccharides
Cordyceps sinensis Mycelium Powder
Cnidium Fruit/Seed Extract Powder
Cocoa Bean Extract 20% Theobromine
Cocoa Butter Organic

Damiana Herb
Dan Shen Root Extract Salvianolic Acid B 7% & Tanshinone IIA 0.3%
Dan Shen Root Extract (Salvia miltiorrhiza) Root Extract Salvianolic Acid 20%
Dang Shen Extract Powder 30% Polysaccharides
Devil’s Claw Root
Devil’s Claw Root Extract
Dodder Seed Ratio Extract Powder 10:1
Dodder Seed Standardized Extract
Dogwood Fruit Extract Powder
Dong Quai Root Extract 1% Ligustilides
Dong Quai Root 3:1

Echinacea purpurea Root Extract 4% Cichoric Acid
Elderberry Berry Extract 5% Anthocyanidins
Elderberry Berry Powder
Eucommia Bark Standardized Extract
Epimedium Organic Herb Powder

Fo-Ti Root Extract 10:1

Garlic Extract 10:1
Galangal 10:1 Extract
Garcinia Cambogia Extract 60% Hydroxycitric acid (HCA)
Ginger Extract Standardized to 1% Gingerols
Ginkgo Leaf Extract 24/6 (24% Ginkgosides 6% Terpene Lactones)
Ginseng Root Extract 30% Ginsenosides
Globe Artichoke Organic Leaf
Globe Artichoke Leaf Extract Powder 4:1
Goji Wolfberry Extract Powder 40% Polysaccharides
Gotu Kola Leaf Extract Powder 32% Saponins
Griffonia Seed Extract 20% 5-HTP
Griffonia Seed Extract 98% 5-HTP
Green Tea Extract Powder 30% Caffeine
Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Extract 98% Polyphenols (40% EGCG)
Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Extract (50% EGCG)
Guarana Seed Powder
Guarana Seed Extract 30% Caffeine
Guggul Gum Extract Powder 2.5% Z-Guggul
Guayusa Leaf Powder

Horopito Leaf
Horny Goat Weed Extract Powder 20% Icariin
Horny Goat Weed / Epimedium Organic Herb
Horsetail Extract Standardized to 7% Silica

Jamaican Dogwood Powder
Jiaogulan Extract Powder 98% Gypenosides

Kacip Fatimah 5:1 Extract
Kava Kava Root Extract 30% Kavalactones
Kava Kava Root Powder
Kola Nut Powder
Kudzu Root Extract Powder 40% Flavonoids

Lactuca virosa (Wild Lettuce) Herb Powder
Licorice/ Liquorice Root Extract 26% Glycyrrhizic Acid
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract 25% Beta-Glucan & 50% Polysaccharides
Liquorice Root Extract Powder 10:1
Liquorice / Licorice Root Tea Cut
Loquat Organic Leaf Powder
Lotus Leaf and Flower Extract 2% Nuciferine

Maca Extract Powder 10% Macamides
Maitake Mushroom Organic Extract Poweder 50% polysaccharides
Maitake Organic Mushroom Powder
Milk Thistle Extract 80% Silymarin
Milk Vetch 10% AstragalosideIV
Milk Vetch Root Extract Powder 50% Polysaccharides
Moringa Pure Leaf Powder
Momordica / Lo Han Guo Fruit Powder

Muira Puama Bark Powder
Noni (Morinda citrifolia) Pure Wildcrafted/Organic Fruit Powder
Nettle / Stinging Nettle Organic Herb, Powder and Capsules 
Neem / Neem Leaf

Oat Straw Extract
Olive Leaf Organic Powder

Passionflower Powder
Pau d’Arco / Lapacho Bark Powder
Pine Pollen / Cracked (Shell-broken) Pine Pollen

Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder 10% Polysaccharides
Reishi Mushroom Organic Extract Powder 50% Polysaccharides
Reishi Mushroom Spore Powder / Cracked (Shell-broken) Reishi Mushroom Spore Powder
Rhodiola Root Extract 3% Salidrosides
Rhodiola Root Extract 3% Rosavins
Rose Petals / French Rose Petals

Safed Musli Extract Powder 40% Saponins
Saw Palmetto Berry Fruit Extract 45% Fatty Acids
Schisandra Berry extract powder 2% Schisandrins
Schisandra Berry extract powder 9% Schisandrins
Shalakki / Boswellia / Frankincense Extract 65% Boswellic Acid
Shiitake Mushroom Extract Powder 40% Polysaccharides
Shilajit Extract Powder 40% Fulvic Acid
Siberian Ginseng Root Extract 1% Eleutherosides B + E
Slippery Elm Bark Powder (Organic)
Spearmint Leaf Powder
St. John’s Wort Extract 0.3% Hypericin
Suma Root (Brazilian Ginseng)

Tart Cherry Fruit Powder
Tribulus Fruit Extract Powder 90% Saponins
Tongkat Ali Extract 200:1
Turkey Tail Extract 30% Polysaccharides
Turkey Tail Extract Organic 30% Polysaccharides

Valerian Root Powder
Valerian Extract (Valeriana officinalis) Standardized to 0.8% Valerenic Acid
Valerian Root (Indian valerian)

Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa)
Wild Yam Powder
Willow Bark / Salix alba (White Willow) Extract 15% Salicin
Willow Bark (Salix fragilis)
Withania / Ashwagandha Extract (Withania somnifera)
Withania / Ashwagandha Organic Root Powder (Withania somnifera)
Wormwood / Absinthe Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)


Copaiba Balsam (Copaifera paupera) oleoresin
Dragon’s Blood / Sangre de Drago (Croton lechleri) latex
Peru Balsam (Myroxylon pereirae) oleoresin

More Dried Herbs & Herbal Powders

African wormwood herb
Balm of Gilead leaves
Basil mint leaves
California Poppy
Camu Camu Organic Powder
Catuaba Bark Extract
Cat’s Claw Bark Powder
Chinese Mugwort Leaves
Chuchuhuasi bark Powder
Damiana leaf Powder
Huanarpo Macho bark Powder
Holy Basil Leaves
Kava Kava Root Powder
Moringa Pure Leaf Powder
Olive Leaf Organic Powder
Passionflower Cut Herb or Powder
Nettle / Stinging Nettle Organic Herb, Powder and Capsules 
St. John’s Wort Wildcrafted/Organic Herb
Valerian Root (Indian valerian)
Ziziphus jujuba Seed Powder

More Natural Products

Activated Charcoal / Activated Carbon
Incense Charcoal Discs
Gum Arabic
Licorice Sticks / Certified Organic, Hand Picked Licorice Sticks
Soap Nuts/ Soap Berries

Live Plants and Seeds Product List

All Live Plants and Seeds

Balsams, Gums, and Resins

All Balsams, Gums, and Resins

Manufacturing and Herbalists Equipment

All Manufacturing Equipment

Note: This product list is not complete. Please let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for and/or what you would like to see for sale on this website.